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Two Moon / Moon Hoon

Architects: Moon Hoon
Location: 47 Jungsan-dong, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Design Team: Jang Dukhyun, Park jungwook
Area: 598.0 sqm
Project Year: 2015
Photographs: Nam Goongsun
Construction: Nakhyunjae
Structural Engineering: Hanwoori structure
Mechanical/Electric Engineer: Chunghyo High-tech
Client: Park Jaehong , Park Junhong
Site Area: 711m²
Budget: 500 million KRW

Una facciata particolarmente interessante caratterizza questo centro culturale privato, situata in Goyang, una cittadina vicino a Seoul, che ospita anche una caffetteria e una galleria.
Firmato dall’architetto sudcoreano moon hoon, il progetto, denominato non a caso Two Moon (Due Lune), si compone di due volumi di cemento, ciascuno con una enorme sfera a forma di luna impressa sulle facciate, creando un edificio solido per materiali e forme geometriche e squadrate ma morbido per questa particolarità.

Il design di Twoo moon è stato ispirato da un film drammatico ‘Congiunzione di due lune’.
Il cliente ha appositamente richiesto due edifici separati, uno per sé e l’altro per suo fratello minore: ogni edificio ha tre piani ai quali si può accedere direttamente attraverso le singole scale esterne per poi ricongiungersi attraverso la grande sfera ‘lunare’.

From the architect. The client:
Sometimes, clients bring in a clear idea or a name of a place they envision. This time, a movie named two moon junction surfaced when we first met. He talked about building a private cultural center centered around a coffeeshop and a gallery.

A free spirited space , somewhat erotically charged like the movie, a place full of festivity and relaxed atmosphere. The other important criteria included providing two separate buildings, one for the client, and the other for his younger brother. The budget was extremely low, so from the start we decided to build simple boxes with some impact points.
The site is an hour drive up north near the city of Ilsan. It is a non-descript place, where all kinds of buildings stand alongside each other without any consideration for each other, industrial, residential and squatter town all mixed up.

The diamond shaped site was divided into two sites accommodating two simple boxes oriented to provide enough parking space and a passage way between the two buildings.

The low budget and the movie two moon junction were two major inspiration for the design. Each building has three floors that can be accessed directly via individual staircases, by doing so, common space can be reduced to minimum while maximum can be allocated for rental usage.

The two boxes have an encounter with a large sphere, thus having a distinct concave space that signifies a moon motif. Right one is imbued with a balcony like a lure. The left one is given a horizontal slit. The other sides of the buildings also have contact points with small sphere, providing depth and apertures.

The irregularities provided by contacts with the sphere are carried into the building to become space with some bulges, a space with some convex. The top floors have outdoor gardens with high walls, but round apertures give much transparencies among much solidified building.

A mini pantheon like domes are also provided on the top floors. The free standing walls on the 3rd floors are punctured with horoscopes representing each client.
Welcome back to “ornaments and symbols”…moon and stars!!!

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