giovedì 3 luglio 2014

Blue Frog Mumbai, Maharashtra | India |

The Blue Frog Lounge combines a performance space, dining space, dance floor, and recording studios within a renovated factory space in the heart of Mumbai.

Il Blue Frog Lounge combina uno spazio di prestazioni, sala da pranzo, dance floor, e studio di registrazione all'interno di una fabbrica ristrutturata, nel cuore di Mumbai.  

Cylindrical dining booths in the main performance area are carved from an undulating expanse of stepped wood frame, the surface of which is topped with translucent plexiglass and illuminated from beneath with LED’s.

The result is a web of color-changing semicircles that delineate the individual dining areas and set the tone for whatever function is emphasized in the space at the moment.

Red illumination sparks energy and intensifies a performance, while blue illumination sets a low key, cool atmosphere in tune with the musical style.

White illumination adds elegance to more intimate dining situations.

L'illuminazione bianca aggiunge eleganza e intimità alle situazioni di ristoro.

This flexible, theatrical scheme turns traditional stage lighting upside-down as it brings the focus onto the audience as well as the performers.