giovedì 26 giugno 2014

Cafe Ki, Tokyo – Japan

Featuring a pure white interior, cafe ki designed by japanese firm id offers a small forest-like space.

Con un interno bianco puro, il ki caffè progettato dalla ditta giapponese id, offre un piccolo spazio di foresta in città.

Located in setagaya-ku, tokyo in japan, and ‘ki’, which translates to ‘tree’ are used as symbols throughout – interpreted in the espresso colored tree stands, they give people the opportunity to enjoy coffee and pastries beneath their branches.

The furniture pieces are made from steel and stand out against the integrated minimal finishes in the background.

The ‘trees’ double as a table leg, providing structural support and also enable coats and hats to be hung on them.

The main table in the middle of the room accommodates a large number of people, the wooden extensions help to maintain a comfortable sense of distance while sharing the table, as they also act as dividers.

The designers not only created the interior for cafe ki but also the graphics, uniforms, website and original products.