mercoledì 12 marzo 2014


“Self Portrait 1889″ remake by Seth Johnson
“Self Portrait 1889″ by Vincent van Gogh

One of the most creative competitions we’ve seen in a while involves imitating an established piece of artwork.

“Café Terrace at Night” remake by Jonathan Pruc
“Café Terrace at Night” by Van Gogh

“Portrait of Frida Kahlo” remake by Danilo Ursini
“Portrait of Frida Kahlo” by Nickolas Muray

Adobe had originally created an art competition that was open only to UK students for a grand prize of £10,000.

“David and Goliath” remake by Miguel Iturbe
“David and Goliath” by Caravaggio

“Behind the Gare Saint-Lazare, 1932″  remake by Ollie Jarman
“Behind the Gare Saint-Lazare, 1932″ by Henri Cartier-Bresson
Canadian art blog Booooooom! joined forces with Adobe to accommodate those outside of the UK, creating an opportunity to compete for a copy of the entire Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Master Collection ($899). The competition called for entries in the form of photographs.

“The Last Supper” remake by Kiran McCandless
“The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci

“The Girl With The Pearl Earring” remake by Nienke Zondervan
“The Girl With The Pearl Earring” by Johannes Vermeer

“Self portrait dedicated to Dr. Eloesser” remake by Yesenia Caloca
“Self portrait dedicated to Dr. Eloesser” by Frida Kahlo

The contest received a wide range of submissions from individuals remaking popular artworks, some adding a modern twist to the classics. The competition has come to a close and now they have the difficult challenge of picking the best out of the bunch.

“Portrait of Sylvia Von Harden” remake by Stephan Hoffman & SoYeon Kim
“Portrait of Sylvia Von Harden” by Wilhelm Heinrich Otto Dix

“La bonne foi” remake by Noemi Mazzucchelli
“La bonne foi” by Magritte

I’m glad I don’t have to choose because some of these, despite being recreations, are highly original.

“Narcissus” remake by Max Zerrahn
“Narcissus” by Caravaggio

“Vase with 12 Sunflowers” remake by Qi Wei Fong
“Vase with 12 Sunflowers” by Vincent van Gogh

“Therese Revant” remake by Chloe Van Overmeir
“Therese Revant” by Balthus