sabato 1 giugno 2013

Daniel Carlsten: PAPER FOOD

Designer Daniel Carlsten, who art directed the flowers series we featured last week, created this lovely series of paper craft foods for Platinum Magazine by American Express. 

This series was created for an article on Australian cuisine, yum!

The papercrafting trend continues to go strong, and as we have come to really enjoy work from designers like Sarah Illenberger, and artists like Thomas Demand, it is always great to see a new dynamic artist thrown into the mix of something we love.  

Daniel Carlsten ha creato una serie di opere di carta che rappresentano ghiottonerie eno-gastronomiche di origine australiana per la rivista Platinum Magazine dell’American Express.
Ancora una volta il fascino sensuale del cibo ha colpito l’immaginazione di un artista e ci ha regalato una nuova opera da gustare con gli occhi.

AmEdEo LiBeRaToScIoLi